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If you are looking to get yourself some pot to smoke on a weekend, I suggest to get your supply from a licensed cannabis dispensary. If you are living in a state where cannabis is legal, you shouldn’t have a problem with getting one because they are literally everywhere. when you are looking for s dispensary, you should understand that there are two types of dispensaries, that is, recreational and medical dispensaries. These dispensaries usually provide their services to people who are above the age of 18 years. This is only true if one is getting the marijuana for medical purposes. However, if you are looking to buy marijuana for recreational use, you will need to be above the age of 21 years old. This is true in all the states, so you will need to understand the laws that apply in your state before you get out there to buy marijuana if you are below the age of 21 years old.

What is a cannabis dispensary?

Cannabis dispensary is just like any other dispensary with the main exception being that it serves marijuana instead of conventional medication. Thus, if we are to define a cannabis dispensary, we would say that it is a cannabis storefront that dispenses adult-us or medical cannabis products for donation or sale. These facilities are the main consumer-facing side of the legal industry in states where the drug has been made legal.

You will find a broad range of products at these facilities, including flower, concentrates, drinkables, edibles, vapes and so much more. The products available on offer to consumers tend to vary by region. Dispensaries are retail outlets where you get your supply for personal use as opposed to supply for resale.

How do dispensaries differ from collectives?

Many people usually confuse collectives with dispensaries, but it is important to understand that the two are very different from each other. Collectives are initiatives that involve people with a common agenda coming together to produce cannabis so that they can make it available to members free of charge or cheaply. Collectives are not profit-making organizations like dispensaries are and they are run by a group of people who may have a common need or cause.

It is not easy to come across collectives the same way it is to find dispensaries. Dispensaries are literally anywhere where marijuana has been legalized while collectives are rare to find.

How do dispensaries get their weed?

Well, most legal dispensaries obtain their supply of weed from legal and licensed suppliers and growers. The regulatory structure and legal framework that define how this process happens usually varies from one state to another or one country to another. The entire supply chain needs to be legal and licensed for the weed that is sold by dispensaries to be considered legal. The government undertakes thorough and serious oversight on the entire process and supply chain to ensure that the quality and safety of the cannabis that consumers get is very high.

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