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Everything You Need to Know About Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has been defined as a form of tourism where people have to travel abroad to seek medical treatments. In popular cities and major centers such as Bangkok, there are a number of hospitals that offer top of the line treatment, attracting patients from different parts of the globe. Many people usually seek treatment abroad because they are not satisfied with the level of care provided in their home countries, or if they feel that they have a better chance of recovery at a foreign clinic. Here are just a few things that you should know about medical tourism.

The Costs

The costs of treatment in a foreign country are generally high. Even if a person has medical insurance, the costs are likely to be higher, so it’s important that you first confer with your insurance company to figure out whether you will be allowed to travel or not. More importantly, the discussions are usually held between different hospitals, and they are able to refer the patient to a suitable hospital and make all the necessary arrangements for the transfer. In most cases, the costs are usually dependent upon the severity of the disease and the nature of treatment. This might surprise some people, but nearly 80% of all the demand for medical tourism is motivated by cost savings. The greater advancement of technology in other areas also plays an important role.


There are many hospitals in Bangkok that now offer revolutionary treatment to their patients, and as a result of that, medical tourism in Bangkok is now at an all-time high. There are people who travel to Bangkok from all over the world to seek treatment. Availability, therefore, is a major concern. You will want to make sure that there is a bed available at the hospital, and for that purpose, you will need to make a few calls. In most cases, the hospital that refers you will be able to secure a bed for you.

Duration of Treatment

The duration of treatment usually varies depending on the kind of disease and the problem that a person is suffering from. Upon arrival, the patient is going to undergo extensive testing to determine the problem. In most cases, the hospitals do not accept medical tests from other hospitals, and prefer conducting tests all on their own. When selecting a hospital for medical treatment abroad, it’s important that you look for one that has the appropriate certifications and accreditation. If the hospital has not been accredited by the authorities, you might not be able to secure a transfer.

In most cases, people usually travel for medical purposes for specific cases, such as heart problems, operations, and cancer treatments. Many experimental treatments that are not available elsewhere are also administered in these hospitals. The process for securing a transfer usually varies, and in some situations, even the government has the authority to intervene. These are just some important things that you should know about medical tourism.

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