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Important Facts You Need to Know about ADHD in Hong Kong

Mental disorders in Hong Kong have become very common, with one in every seven people suffering being affected. Between 2004 and 2014, the number of people with mental disorders doubled, and it is bothersome because about 74% of those suffering from these problems do not seek help. One of these disorders is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Here is a closer look at important facts about ADHD in Hong Kong that you need to know.

ADHD can Affect Anyone

When people think of ADHD, what run through their minds are the top celebrities who get a lot of publicity. For example, the condition got a lot of attention when celebrities, such as Jackie Chan and Howie Mandel, came out to say they had it. However, even ordinary people in Hong Kong can still suffer from ADHD.

Your quiet son or daughter, who appears as if lost in the world or forgets things pretty fast, might be suffering from ADHD. In the case of adults, poor organization, inability to concentrate, and indecisiveness might be pointers they probably have ADHD. It is also important to appreciate that others might have signs of ADHD, but they are not impaired by it.

ADHD in Hong Kong Make it Hard to Pay Attention to the Right Things

A closer look at the people who have ADHD reveals that it is not that they have issues with paying attention. Instead, they have challenges paying attention to the right things. For example, a person who has ADHD might spend a lot of time playing video games. Their main challenge is controlling what they pay attention to. If something is not interesting, the affected person requires a lot of effort to concentrate.

Inability to concentrate on what is right means children might be unable to focus on their studies, and adults might record low productivity at work. Sticking to healthy routines and following instructions also becomes challenging to people with ADHD. Do not let ADHD compromise your life because a professional in mental disorders can help you to address it.

Medication Alone Cannot Fix ADHD in Hong Kong

If you get diagnosed with ADHD, medication alone cannot be enough to address it. Instead, your doctor might recommend individual cognitive and behavioral therapy to help to change negative thought patterns.

Other treatment methods that your doctor might recommend include:

  • Stress management and relaxation training to help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Behavioral coaching that help with organization.

Note that the activities that doctors recommend to address ADHD might differ from one person to another depending on the severity. So, if you notice signs of the disorder, make sure to go for an ADHD test in Hong Kong from a qualified medical professional.

ADHDaffects people in all areas of their lives -work, home, relationship, and school. However, you should not agree to become captive to this disturbing disorder because an expert in ADHD in Hong Kong is waiting to assist you. Just identify the best medical expert in mental disorders in Hong Kong and get assistance.

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