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Inclusivity Of Co-Ed Inpatient Drug Rehab For Women

Women dealing with substance abuse or alcohol addiction have a history of sexual trauma and assault. A woman’s body works on different principles than a man’s. Most of the women suffering from drug abuse and alcoholism suffer from low self-esteem, dual diagnosis of General anxiety Disorders and addiction, Depression and SUDs, eating disorders, etc. It is very important for the drug rehab program to create a safe space for women to grow, supporting and nurturing environments with an extensive program focusing on healing and overcoming addiction.

When choosing a rehab program for a female patient, you might think about enrolling them into gender-specific rehab. In gender-specific rehab whole program is tailored to fulfill the needs of the comfort zone and get rid of the addiction. And talking along the lines of the CO-ed program is much more diverse and does focus on the inclusivity of the treatment.

Why Co-Ed Rehab For Women

– Gender-specific rehab programs only involve patients of a specific gender. This accommodation creates a homogeneous environment. Here, the trauma is acknowledged in front of a comforting homogeneous group. But the reality of the outside world is way different. It somehow makes women habituated to comfort, and soon as discomfort is faced, there are chances for relapse episodes.

– In co ed inpatient drug rehab, both genders are enrolled. During the program, there is regular interaction between both genders, which may lead to overcoming the fear of the opposite sex and allowing women to re-establish their identity. Here, women will be much more prepared for the outside world. As co-ed rehab is the manifestation of the real world, women may develop a higher level of self-esteem and confidence.

– Alcoholism or any substance creates a dependency that harms the cognitive and physical being of an individual. Because of SUDs, a female patient might have faced a considerable drop in her interpersonal skills and social life. Co-ed rehab mirrors the real world, with the interaction among genders and continuously working for one goal as a group giving boosts to the development of interpersonal skills and enhancing social skills.

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