A stairlift is an excellent addition to any home where the occupants has difficulties getting from move level to another. Although they can be expensive, they offer freedom and independence to anyone who has reduced mobility. If you are thinking about adding a stairlift to your home, you’ve two options – rent or buy. This article discusses both options to see which one is best for you.

Renting a Stairlift

Many people don’t know that you can rent a stairlift instead of buying one. All you have to do is contact stairlift rental in Bromsgrove and see what products and packages they have on offer. Most rental companies will let you lease a stairlift for a short or long-term period depending on your needs.

Most of the time you sign a contract, and this can sometimes be extended if you decide to keep the stairlift for a longer period. Here are some of the main reasons why homeowners decide to rent stairlifts over buying them.

  • Hosting a relative with mobility problems or a disability
  • An injury that restricts mobility
  • Test out a rental before buying one

You must also keep in mind that most stairlift companies only rent out straight stairlifts as curved models usually have to be custom made to fit.

Buying a Stairlift

We’ve discussed some of the benefits of renting a stairlift, now let’s look at buying. If you’ve more than one level in your home and you’ve a disability, chronic injury, or you’re ageing and need assistance, a stairlift is an excellent investment.

If your budget allows for it, it makes sense to invest in a stairlift. It is a long-term investment that can be used by different family members at different stages. If it won’t be used for a while, it can be removed and stored away for further use.

When you opt to buy a stairlift, you’ve got a bigger selection to choose from as most of the latest models are not available to rent. You can also find a refurbished stairlift which will be on sale for a cheaper price. Buying a stairlift also allows for customised options.

Whether you should buy or rent a stairlift comes down to your own unique situation. If you think you’ll use the stairlift indefinitely, then it makes more sense to buy. If you only need it because a relative with a disability or mobility issues is visiting, then renting is probably a better solution.