I don’t know about you, but shopping for natural skin care used to be a real problem for me – every time I went online and started looking for the newest innovations and the best natural skin creams I was overwhelmed. Pages after pages of skin creams, serums, lotions, you name it!

I usually ended up sitting in front of my computer, completely unable to browse one site more! It was just too much, so I often ended up using my old brand, which wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really helping me keep my skin looking young and smooth, either.

Over time I got sick of the process and being stuck with a product line I didn’t like too much, so I braced myself and started researching natural skin care and how to buy it online seriously. It took a long while, but I now consider myself well-educated when it comes to shopping for natural skin care online, and I’d like to share my best tips with you so you can make better choices online, too.

1. Look for 100% natural products

If you’re into natural skin remedies like I am, you’ll want to make sure you get a 100% natural product. Many products claiming to be natural are in fact only partly based on ingredients really “made by nature”. For me they are the same as using all-synthetic skin creams – they are often not very effective, and honestly I don’t want to be paying good money for products to a company which claims its products are natural when they in reality aren’t

2. Look for scientific evidence on how effective the skin care is

Good companies will have tested the ingredients they claim to have an anti-aging, anti wrinkle or skin tightening effects. Once you’ve narrowed down the list of product series by keeping to the 100% natural products, do a quick screen to see can you find scientific, clinical studies about the ingredients mentioned on the shops or manufacturers website. If you can’t find any, steer away. The claimed benefits of the products and their ingredients could be hot air and a waste of money.

3. Look for a complete product line

Even if you’re just looking for a skin cream or an eye serum at this time, you should make sure the product comes from a full skin care line, including cleanser, day and night creams, eye cream, body lotion and facial masks. If you like the cream and start noticing changes on your skin, you’ll most likely want to renew your whole repertoire of your skin care products, and you’ll be bitterly disappointed to find out there’s only one cream if you don’t make sure it’s a complete series before.

Bonus tip! Look for Xtend TK

This is a marvelous ingredient available in only the most innovative of products at this time. It’s been proven to work wonders on the skin, moisturizing it deeply and naturally, and even reversing the signs of age, like smoothing away wrinkles and tightening skin! When buying natural skin care online, keep your eyes open for this substance!