Mostly, people are in a dilemma as to whether one should tip a moving company. Whether one is hiring professional moving services in NYC or elsewhere, this one question has bothered many. So, to put an end to all confusion related to tipping a local NYC moving company, here is the answer.

Deciding on the right amount to be given as a tip to the local NYC moving company is a challenging task. However, here are some factors that need to be considered when tipping professionals and crew members from any local NYC moving company:

  1. Quality of service offered by the crew
  2. The difficulty of moving from one destination to the preferred location
  3. Size of the relocation
  4. Numbers of movers helping in the entire moving process on that particular day

So, before deciding about tipping the professionals and crew members of the moving company in NYC, here are specific considerations to follow.

Keeping the tipping budget aside

Deciding or accessing the amount that needs to be tipped to a local mover in NYC is not possible unless and until a move is underway. That is when one can decide the tip by paying attention to the movers’ carefulness and the way they are handling your belongings.

A general rule of thumb is to follow this:

  • $20 per person – 4 hours or less
  • $40 per person – 8 hours
  • $50 to $60 – more than 12 hours

However, when deciding the tip to be offered to a local moving company om NYC, consider the complexity of moving. In addition, if any of a person’s belongings get tampered with, it will impact the tipping price.

Calculating the tip of that particular day

When hiring a local moving company in NYC, most of them offer a series of services. Also, some others provide custom assistance and training to make sure that they stand out from their industry competitors. To ensure the success of a move and calculate the tip, look out for these activities in a moving company:

  • No damage was incurred on the belongings with which they are moving
  • Following an excellent work ethic that impresses customers
  • Coming on time and consistently updating customers about the arrival date and time
  • Helps customers pack and unpack things
  • Discussing the whole moving process with the family members and customizing the service if required

Handling the tip

Now that the move is over, it is time to hand the tip to the moving company crew. Thank each of them individually and divide the tip amongst all the crew members who participated and helped in that entire moving process on that day. If the movers are bargaining with the tip, do not hesitate to contact the moving company directly. Do not get swayed by their demands. Pay only for the service they have provided.


In the end, if one cannot afford a tip, a good review on their official website will suffice. However, tipping movers will surely make them happy and serve people better.