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Can Paragard IUD Result In Brain Injury?


Recently, Paragard lawsuits are coming up in numbers all over the country. Some women who have used this IUD haven’t reported any issues. But there have been many who have ended up with health risks. In worse situations, there have been cases where Paragard IUD has caused brain injury as well.

These issues have arisen from the IUD breaking or fracturing while getting removed. As a result of this, multiple women have reported that their uteruses were perforated. Many women have reported that they had to undergo revision surgeries to correct their issues. If you have faced similar issues when there must be a lot of questions about it that must be swirling in your mind:

Can Paragard IUD Cause Brain Injury?

Studies have shown that there could be a connection between brain injury and some birth control. Note that this brain injury is called PTC or Pseudotumorcerebri. The symptoms for it are pretty similar to a patient suffering from a bad brain-tumor. Only that here, this is nothing like a tumor. The symptoms for it include nausea, headaches, vomiting, ringing ears, dizziness, vision problems, and even permanent or temporary blindness.

PTC is the result of excessive fluid accumulation around the main organ- the brain. The reason for this could be two- the body is producing too much fluid, or it failed to absorb the liquid properly. As a result of excessive fluid, there’s more pressure on your brain. Due to this, the nerves which connect the brain to the eyes can end up swelling. It is this that will result in vision problems.

PTC treatments are available where the brain fluid is lowered, and the symptoms plaguing the patient are addressed. But sometimes patients will need vision surgery or even brain surgery. So, if you have been suffering from brain injury due to Paragard IUD, then you may qualify for compensation under the Paragard lawsuit.

Has There Been A Class-action Lawsuit Against Paragard IUD?

Here hasn’t been any class-action lawsuit against Paragard IUD for now. But don’t get disheartened. A couple of cases against the manufacturers of Paragard IUD, Teva Pharmaceuticals have been settled already. So don’t be hesitant to take action.

Know that if you had a Paragard IUD break, then you can get financial compensation for ten years. Also note that it’s the same if you are advised by a doctor or medical professional for getting it removed, or found that the IUD arm fractured during removal.

Overall if you faced complications as a result of Paragard IUD, then you can take legal action against the makers. Don’t get deterred by the lack of a class-action lawsuit; you can get compensation for monetary loss. So, if the arm of the IUD broke off while getting it removed, or if you have to undergo multiple operations as a result, then a lawsuit will help you get possible financial compensation for it. Not to mention that if the IUD resulted in a brain injury, then you should file a lawsuit.